A few tips from my original geocities page.

building linux kernel

CA howto article

Redhat linux on compaq smart array controller

XFree86 tip

Arts knowledgebase

good tips on linux

chess ics board

mouse x wheel in FreeBSD

mrtg unix guide

nessus scan

perl replace words

rename files to lowercase

requesting a certificate

redhat package dependencies

removing core files

backing up windows from linux

enabling snmp for monitoring

sorting squid log

updating squidguard

tar backup and ssh transfer

examples of iptables usage

iptables with DMZ scenario

diff file for patch

domain authentication with samba & squid

running ssh without authentication

using apt-cache for querying packages in debian

Start up script method for debian

finding files

samba as member server in ADS

exim server with antivirus, spamassassin, smtp auth

exim4 with split files clamav, spamassassin

software raid 1.

exim4 with debian etch updated.

Redirecting a webpage in apache.